Working on our second EP…

Hey Guys,

just wanted to let you know, that we’re currently working on our second EP. We already recorded all tracks and now in the middle of the mixing & mastering process. Things are going great, so far!

Our friend, Gekko, is working on our new logo, which will be awesome and we also have some good ideas for Band Shirts and other merch stuff. Here are some raw designs…
Mary Goes Wild logo design

Our second EP, which is untitled until now, will be containing five songs. We’ll let you know, as soon as it’s done!


- Danny

EP “next time, analog” release

Hey Guys,

we just released our first EP “next time, analog”. Listen to the EP here:

You can also find us at

We’ll be back in the studio soon!

- Danny

Pre-Release NEW Song “Alien Lights”

Hi Guys – Danny here – recording done – mastering already done – here one track of our upcoming first EP titled “next time, analog”